Ph.D. in Food Science

The School is actively involved in the PhD course in Food Science, representing the highest point in the training of students in the field of food in our University. This course trains candidates to become researchers, with deep theoretical and practical knowledge and appropriate experimental methodology in the field of food sciences, characteristics needed to face the complex challenges of the area. In many cases, the activities are carried out in strict contact with national and international public and entrepreneurial entities.


A list of our present PhD students and of their research projects.

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Anna Agosti

Fertilizers from agri-food residues for sustainable intensification in agriculture


 Neamtallah Assaf

Tailoring qualitative properties of foods by technology: use of innovative technologies for improving safety, quality and sustainability


Marta Berzaghi

Sviluppo di nuovi approcci per la valutazione del metabolismo di composti bioattivi di interesse nutrizionale

Damiano Callegaro

Evaluation, development and application of educational and empowerment models aimed at promoting healthy and sustainable diets


Perla Degli Innocenti

Methodologies to guide consumers towards a healthy and sustainable Mediterranean diet


Lorenzo del Vecchio

Study and characterization of new ingredients recovered from plant material for application in novel foods, by advanced chromatographic techniques and high-resolution mass spectrometry

Irene Fenga

Design and development of meat and dairy analogues using vegetable proteins from upcycled sources


Luca Fontechiari

Innovative bioprocesses and extraction techniques of bioactive compounds from agricultural waste biomasses


Martina Galaverni

Digital solutions for on-farm crop quality assessment











Maria Pia Fabrile

New tools for authentication and traceability to assure the integrity of food chain


Annalisa Fortini

Studies and educational interventions for the promotion of best practices in primary school canteens of Parma


Andrea Fuso

Production and structural characterization of xylo-oligosaccharides from hazelnut by-products


Cinzia Franchini

Promotion of nutrition knowledge and sustainability of dietary behaviours in different target populations


Sara Cutroneo

Study of the nutritional and techno-functional properties of innovative meat analogues products


Giuseppe Sammarco

Innovative analytical strategies coupled with multivariate analysis to deal with complex issues in food integrity, food authenticity and sensomics


Francesca Accardo

Unraveling the molecular determinants of protein digestion


Laura Troiani

High throughput LAB screening for PHAs and PLA production


Nicole Tosi

Metabotyping of the production of phenolic metabolites in personalized nutrition








Paolo Langialonga

Improvement process and treatment technologies for fruits and vegetables products



Marco Gozzi

Secondary metabolism of in vitro-cultured cereals exposed to exogenous elicitors


Simona Scarpella

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and food fraud: analytical development and food safety

Luca Bettera

Lactic acid bacteria in cheese production: from past knowledge to future prospects


Rohini Vijay Dhenge

Analysis of modifications in the microstructure of vegetable raw materials subjected to conventional, innovative and non-thermal technologies


Giuseppe Di Pede

Comprehensive nutritional evaluation of dietary phytochemicals: food sources, in vivo and
in vitro biotransformation in humans



Ancuta Cezara Simon

Antimicrobial resistance in zootechnical supply chains


Jasmine Hadj Saadoun

Fermentation as a strategy to produce high value compounds from byproducts and waste


Claudia Favari

Metabolomics applications to nutritional intervention studies

Francesca Cavaliere 

A Food Contact Materials 3D database for food safety using nuclear receptors (ER and AR) as biological cancer marker


Francesca Vighi

GENEtoCHEESE: ’From genomics to milk minerals: better use of proteins in the cheese making process‘


Giulia Spaggiari 

In silico methods for the detection of endocrine disruptors in food

Salvatore Vaccaro

Surgical treatment of pathological obesity


Valentina Luparelli

Valorization of agri-food by-products through insects: extraction, characterization, properties and applications of lipids, proteins and chitin


Vincenzo Castellone

Bioactive compounds from lactic acid bacteria: beneficial effects of fermented foods