ciclo 35



Ancuta Cezara Simon

Antimicrobial resistance in zootechnical supply chains

Jasmine Hadj Saadoun

Fermentation as a strategy to produce high value compounds from byproducts and waste

Claudia Favari

Metabolomics applications to nutritional intervention studies

Francesca Cavaliere 

A Food Contact Materials 3D database for food safety using nuclear receptors (ER and AR) as biological cancer marker

Francesca Vighi

GENEtoCHEESE: ’From genomics to milk minerals: better use of proteins in the cheese making process‘

Giulia Spaggiari 

In silico methods for the detection of endocrine disruptors in food

Salvatore Vaccaro

Surgical treatment of pathological obesity

Valentina Luparelli

Valorization of agri-food by-products through insects: extraction, characterization, properties and applications of lipids, proteins and chitin

Vincenzo Castellone

Bioactive compounds from lactic acid bacteria: beneficial effects of fermented foods