Ph.D. in Food Science


The School is actively involved in the PhD course in Food Science, representing the highest point in the training of students in the field of food in our University. This course trains candidates to become researchers, with deep theoretical and practical knowledge and appropriate experimental methodology in the field of food sciences, characteristics needed to face the complex challenges of the area. In many cases, the activities are carried out in strict contact with national and international public and entrepreneurial entities.


A list of our present PhD students and of their research projects.

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Vincenzo Castellone

Claudia Favari


Sara Cutroneo

Francesca Accardo

Marco Gozzi


Francesca Vighi


Giuseppe Di Pede



Nicole Tosi



Cinzia Franchini

Maria Pia Fabrile

Andrea Fuso


Annalisa Fortini

Francesca Cavaliere

Giulia Spaggiari


Giuseppe Sammarco


Jasmine Hadj Saadoun



Paolo Langialonga



Simona Scarpella


Laura Troiani



Valentina Luparelli



Salvatore Vaccaro

Luca Bettera


Ancuta Cezara Simon