UniSaFo - Percorso di Formazione Superiore alla Conoscenza di Salumi e Formaggi



Unitrading S.p.a., a consultancy agency active in the food sector, in 2023 launched UniSafo - Advanced Training Programme for Cured Meats and Cheeses.

The courses organized within the UniSaFo project aim to offer a course of Advanced Training for large-scale and organised retail trade professionals, for restaurateurs and for operators in the sector who need to strengthen their own professionalism through knowledge of the products.

The School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition, always open to collaborations and attentive to the needs of the surrounding realities, in line with its vocation to create educational opportunities capable also in an interdisciplinary way, was pleased to accept Unitrading S.p.a's request. To this purpose, the School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition made available to UniSaFo the professors, researchers and knowledge of the University of Parma in the food sector.